Saturday, June 7, 2014

Last Minute Transitions

This year is rather strange.

Transitions that normally flow throughout the year are bunching up in an effort to be done by the close of the first half.  It feels like the dam has burst or the clog in the pipe is pulled out.

Or so it seems.

In just these last few weeks:

  • I've repelled a perceived invasion, 
  • Informed my employer-provided health insurance was getting suckier and I can't do a damned thing about it (not even get my own),
  • My clothes dryer broke down,
  • Packed a roommate off to a longish visit in another town, 
  • Paid to have his pet reptile taken away to be properly looked after, and 
  • Said a final goodbye to a much beloved cat.  

Then the roommate came home unexpectedly and told me he was moving out.  (This is not entirely a bad thing, however.)

I'm emotionally exhausted and praying for it all to stop.

Yet, others are still undergoing the same process.  I just read of another blogger's loss.  Her love, her not-long-enough partner passed away yesterday afternoon.  And I know of two more in the early stages of being cancer caregivers.

I guess this is why people turn to religion, the stars, tarot cards, etc.  They need something to help them figure this all out. 

Me?  I went to my journals - art & written.  I'm feeling somewhat better.