Sunday, August 4, 2013

Great Round of Mandala - Stages 6 & 7

Stage Six: Igniting the Inner Fire
Stage 6
This was the only mandala I did for Stage Six.  I was very busy at work and there was turmoil everywhere I went.

Stage Seven: Squaring the Circle
Stage 7

MAJOR resistance felt on this one.  Accepting the masculine side of myself is causing a whole mess of journaling and contemplation.  To be brief, I've had difficult men in my life and it has caused me a lot of pain.  So much "stuff" came up with this stage that I'm feeling edgy and fragile.  
Tree Mandala

Solar/Lunar Mandala
Again, the juxtaposition of the masculine/feminine hit me in the old gut.  It came out totally feminine.  Once I let go of the gender part of this exercise and focused on two specific sides of myself (public & private) I was able to relax and enjoy this spread.

I'm hoping that the next stage is a bit less angsty for me!