Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Farewell 2012: Book of Days and Workshop Wrap-up

I have to say that I feel pretty darned good about my 2012 Book of Days.  I kept it up all year and saw it through to the conclusion.  The last two pages aren't really up to (my) snuff.  I was coming down with a cold and feeling somewhat indifferent.  Ah well.

I don't plan on formally participating in 2013 Book of Days, but I will remain an active listener & watcher.  The project was amazing and I have a lot left to learn about art.

The pictures below are of my clean(ish) workshop.  (This post has the "before" pictures.)  It is functional for art and ready for the final bits of furniture and an old TV to go in it.  I was a bit dismayed that after sweeping, vacuuming, sweeping again and mopping the floor there is still a fine coat of clay dust on it.  It's in the air, too.  I'll keep the doors open as much as possible to let it all settle and/or drift outside.  The hard part was washing the clay off the walls.  There are still some bits of clay in the cracks of the paneling that are probably permanent.

And so, I bid 2012 a fond farewell and I welcome 2013 with open arms.  I have no idea what is in store for me, but I do plan on continuing messing around with paint and such.  It is too much fun not to and with my new space, I look forward to it.

Thanks for taking this ride with me!