Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Something from My Backyard

Years ago, my brother rolled a huge tire into my backyard and filled it with play sand for my toddler daughter.  I painted it white to withstand the blazing Arizona sun and she enjoyed it for several years.

When my daughter outgrew the sandbox I repurposed it for a planting bed.  I dug out about half of the sand and filled it up with soil.  Every year I plant flowers in it and I've discovered that sunflowers do best.  Along with the sunflowers this year I tossed a few forget-me-not seeds in as a "what the heck" gesture and was hugely surprised when they grew and blossomed.

These are miniature sunflowers and there are taller ones growing behind them.  When they bloom I hope to share those with you as well.


The plant in the smaller pot is a mystery.  I cannot
remember what the heck I planted in it!  I guess I'll eventually
find out, eh?  Yes, the tire needs repainting.

The spoon is an old one that I'm using to hold the fence in place.
I need the fence to keep the cats out - IF you know what I mean!