Sunday, March 10, 2013

This is Why I'd Like to Learn to Use Watercolors

The first thing I'm going to work on is stormy skies.  This weekend was quite the taunt for it, too.  

(The pictures don't look wonderful, I'm afraid.  I don't have a photo editor* at the moment and the vegetation is quite bleak due to the winter cold spells.)   
This was the sky as seen in my backyard on Friday, March 8.
This is looking west.  That's a fig tree in the foreground.
Late in the day it looked like it might be clearing.

The last of the daylight seen through the clouds on Friday night.
This is sunset on Saturday, March 9.  It was gorgeous in person.

It was a lovely weekend with the cold rain.  I sat in my studio (formerly known as the workshop) and listened as the rain pattered on the roof.  I have some space heaters out there that keep it nice and cozy, too.

As far as art, I'll be posting some pictures soon.  I've been working on the Great Round of Mandala project with Julie Gibbons.  I've also been slowly working on some intuitive painting.  I don't have lots of canvases so I have to stop between layers to let them dry properly.  That kills momentum.  

I've been working in my regular art journals, too.  Too personal to share everything but perhaps a few will be posted here in the near future.

I feel change coming again.  That elusive restless feeling is bubbling under the surface.  Tomorrow is a new moon.  That is supposed to mark a time of movement.  Maybe that is when "it" will happen?  Who knows.  What comes, comes.

*Can anyone recommend a free photo editor that resembles the Microsoft version?  It's what I'm used to.