Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Can't Wait! My Truck Comes Home Tomorrow.

Towards the end of September I had an accident with my pickup truck.
This was a BIG DEAL in my family because the truck originally belonged to my late father.  He asked me if I wanted it the day before he died.  It wasn't until we were gathered in the lobby of the hospital waiting for the chaplain to help with arrangements that it occurred to me that it was Dad's way of telling me that he was dying.  

So, through his tears, my brother admonished me to take care of it and to never sell it.  I promised.  

BAM! I got rear-ended by a distracted driver.  (Let's all hang up those cell phones and focus on the road.  Okay, people?)  I was lucky that the guy had insurance.
Damaged area of my truck
So, I took the truck to the body shop and picked up the rental car.  A 2012 VW Jetta was assigned to me.  Now, keep in mind that my truck is a '96.  That's 16 years of technological advances that I sat in when I drove it out of the shop yard.  First I had to stop at the guard's shack and have him help me figure out how to adjust the driver's side mirror and a few other things.

The plus of this rental is the stereo system.  It ROCKS!  I've never heard Ozzy sound so wonderful.  **sighs**

The minus?  I hate this car.  If it didn't have such a great stereo and was only a rental, I would have never stuck my butt in that seat.

My back hurts because I have to twist my body to get in and out of the curve-backed seat and then my right knee has a permanent bruise from hitting the steering column every time I step on the brake.  (I'm short, so I can't move the seat back anymore.)

AND THEN there is the key:
The rental car key
To turn it on, you have to decide if you are going to pop the trunk or set off the panic alarm in the process.  I've woken the neighbors twice and had several more wave frantically at me and my car as I drove by.  Either way, you are embarrassed just to start the frickin' thing.

I pick up my truck tomorrow and I cannot wait!  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012



Or just visit and look around.  I've been following Effy Wild for the Book of Days project that I've been posting on here at Daydreamers Welcome.  So worth while!