Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Spring" is coming to Phoenix, Arizona!

The calendar says that Autumn is on its way but it means Spring for me here in Phoenix, Arizona.  The monsoon dries up and goes away.  The humidity drops.  Temperatures drop.  Nights are blissful.  And the 2nd planting season of the year is just beginning.  We only have (roughly) 3 or 4 killing frost nights over winter so this is a perfect place for home gardeners!

The tomatoes were a rip-roaring success.  I had 6 plants and I kept myself, my neighbors and my co-workers buried in delicious red fruit most of the summer.  I even made homemade marinara sauce.  (I'll never do that again.  The WORK involved was unreal.)

I planted my sunflower seeds last Sunday and they peeked through the soil on Tuesday.  The veggie garden gets planted this weekend.  I have 4 varieties of green beans (don't ask), kohlrabi, Swiss chard, collard greens, radishes, and something else that escapes me right now.  
The sunflowers are sprouting!
It also means that I am closer to the total end of my "contract" with my ex-husband.  I agreed to give him one calendar year to claim all his possessions and that deadline is up on December 31st.  He's planning on renting a U-haul truck Thanksgiving weekend to finish getting his stuff out of the workshop.  

The Ex created lots of ceramic pieces while we were married.  Some were spectacular and a good share are "meh" - until they get glazed.  But the photos below show how he liked to work.  Yeah.  I had a hard time living with this. The house was generally like this, too.  

The black cat is Zuko.  He's my love cat.

So yeah, there's going to be quite a bit of stuff put out in the alley for the next bulk trash pickup.  

When the workshop is emptied & cleaned up, I'm going to make it into my "Hidey-Hole".  With 3 college kids* in the house, I am looking forward to having a space of my own.  I think, at least during our winter months, I'll do my art out here.

I'm still battling depression, but I have hope.  Things like getting my house cleaned and repaired are keeping me going.  
*There's my daughter, her best friend, and best friend's brother.  Their mom had to move to Tucson and they had nowhere else to go.  It was the BEST decision I've ever made! I haven't laughed this much in years.  The MUSIC and great conversations - Whoot!
Peace out to y'all!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Sorting Hat says that I belong in Hufflepuff!
Said Hufflepuff, "I'll teach the lot, and treat them just the same."
Hufflepuff students are friendly, fair-minded, modest, and hard-working. A well-known member was Cedric Digory, who represented Hogwarts in the most recent Triwizard Tournament.

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