Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yard Work - Fun or Foe?

I just sat down from working out in my front yard.  I'm exhausted.  There's no one to blame but me for the 23 lawn & leaf bags I hauled to the alley.  Whew!  So, the front yard is pretty pathetic even after I raked all the leaves, sticks, and pods into those bags. 

Water rates have gone up here in the Valley of the Sun and with good reason.  We are in a major drought.  The City feels the best way to get people's attention on how much water they use is to raise the rates.  Of course this only works for people like me who are already struggling to pay the bills.  We stop watering our yards.

Needless to say then that I haven't been watering my front yard and I've slowed down on my back yard.  I've lost two and perhaps three trees back there because of it.  Ah well.  I'll pick out more drought tolerant varieties and try again.

Which brings me back to the front.  Yard, that is.  My neighbor (who has a putting green worthy front yard) walks over to me while I am wheezing over the rake and wiping sweat out of my eyes and compliments my yard.  Yeah. 

"I think it looks bald now," I said.  "Maybe I'll let what grass remains grow really really long and then do a comb-over like a bald guy's head."

He frowned and walked back to his house.  Okay, so maybe not.