Saturday, October 8, 2011

Just Touching Base Here

Greetings all!

I'm smack in the middle of "Meetin' Season" and I'm barely keeping up on the rest of the world.  I'm also buried under with an online college course.  What a dash of cold water there!  Because they can't see you face to face, the work is piled on heavier and the check-ins are tremendous.  I originally decided to try the online class so I could fit it into my schedule.  Well, think again.  **smile**

On personal issues, one biggie down and another just beginning.  I've decided to keep all that "junk" off the blog and not subject you to any more whining than you already get from our Tea Party candidates.  **grins**  (The glorious news that Palin won't be running is keeping me from gagging over Bachmann and Perry.  (Perry actually thinks Viagra is for a health issue but birth control is not.  Uh huh.) )

The weather has finally turned cooler.  I am loving it!  I just wish I could take some time off to enjoy it.

This morning I'm heading off to the Cave Creek/Carefree area to enjoy thrift store shopping and girl talk with my daughter and a good friend.  Much laughter expected - which I dearly need.  Thrift store shopping is such a grand adventure for me as well as being less of a consumer.  Reusing and re-purposing instead of filling up the landfill is what I'm after.

Dang - I'm getting way too preachy this morning.   My apologies.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful day/weekend/workweek!