Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Long Years Ago

I remember. 
It was early in the morning here in Phoenix and I was getting the household ready for the workday.  Sipping my first cup of coffee, I hunted down the TV remote.  At that time in my life I listened more than watched Good Morning America as I prepared lunches, woke my daughter, changed into my work clothes, etc.  And then I "tuned in" to what they were talking about.  A plane had crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers. 
 I woke my husband.  When I got him awake enough to understand what was happening, he popped out of bed and we stood, not sat, but stood in front of the TV set and watched.  The TV anchors were talking about possible terrorist activity and referred back some years to the fire bomb in the parking lot under the Towers. 

Then the screen filled with the sight of the second plane.  I screamed.
Thank you to all of those who responded to that hell on earth.  We won't forget you.