Wednesday, July 20, 2011

That Twangy Country Song...

Okay, I've been tossing around ideas on how to update you with my "situation" and pouring it all out like one of those horrible twangy country songs just is not me.  I'm a metal head after all!

So.  The shock and awe part is over and I'm recovering (and doing rather well with it too, I must say).  I'm very VERY lucky to have so many great friends who have shown their love and support for me.  It is the key reason that I'm able to write to you all now.

First.  I'm another one of those "victims" of the economy.  I'm in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings.  I could name names (Capital One and Bank of America) but I'll take the high road here and just say that I am so wonderfully glad to be living in the USA in 2011 where we do not have debtor's prison and there is a way to start over again.

Second.  After the bankruptcy discharges, my hubby and I will start divorce proceedings.  That was the punch in the stomach.  23 years of wedded "meh" finally took its toll on both of us.  After I was able to breathe again I discovered that he was right!  We DO need to part company! 

Third.  (I don't have one yet.  These things happen in three's so that will just be a place holder.  Ha-ha!)

Thanks to these one-two punches I actually have some hope in my life.  I really and truly get to start over.

Yay for me!  [cue up Steppenwolf here]