Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pentel Handy-line S: A Review

Included in Pentel's goody bag were 3 different items in the Handy-line S category.  A dry marker in black, a highlighter in orange, and a permanent marker in dark blue.
 They all share the same basic barrel and retractable features which is really nice to have.  No more dropped caps that manage to roll way under your desk leaving you to crawl under there in your best slacks or worse, a skirt just as an important client enters your office causing you to bump your head as you scramble back up to your chair.  (Yeah, an old trope but since it happens in real life, accurate.)

First up, since I have a scanned writing sample, the permanent marker.  From the Pentel website:

Small size, big impact. Permanent marker Handy-line S features a retractable bullet tip that is conveniently compact. Made of 55% post-consumer material by weight. Easy twist, pull, and replace refill system.
Reverse side.  Come on now, we all KNEW there would be bleed through - even on Rhodia.

Nothing to write home about.  It's a marker.  The odor is still there and it writes just as deep and dark as you need it to be.

Next up, the highlighter.  From Pentel's website:

Small size, big impact. Retractable and refillable highlighter Handy-line S. Made of 54% post-consumer material by weight. Chisel tip. Advanced seal technology to maintain tip freshness. Pocket-safe clip self-retracts when clipped on. Easy twist, pull, and replace refill system.

Again, just a highlighter. Bright, flame orange and it works just as it should.

Finally, the dry erase marker.  From the website:
Small size with a big impact! Handy-line S Dry Erase Markers are new to the Pentel Recycology line. Made of 55% post-consumer recycled plastic, this retractable bullet tip whiteboard marker features a advanced seal technology to prevent drying out. The amazing low odor is ideal for use in any indoor or outdoor environment. The pocket safe clip will automatically retract tip. Smooth, compact and eco-friendly, this marker truly makes a statement! Available in three bold colors: black, red, and blue.
And it too performs just as it should. Since the line this marker makes is narrow, yet dark, this would be more for your personal whiteboard as opposed to one in the classroom or meeting room where you need a bolder line to be seen from a distance.

On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being “meh” and 5 being “awesome”, I’d have to give the Handy-line S products a 3.5.  Points for being retractable, made from recycled materials, and according to their labels, refillable.  Points away for being just like everyone else at the end.

Updated to re-order the text that was shuffled when this post went "live."