Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pentel HyperG 0.7: A Review

I’m almost in love. The color of the blue HyperG pen is that tropical blue that sends you into dreams of white sand beaches, palm trees, drinks in coconuts, hot sun and seductive breezes. **ahem** Sorry ‘bout that.

From Pentel’s website:

Ultra Smooth, Triple Safe Ink: - People Safe (AP non-toxic, acid-free, quick drying) - Check Safe (permanent, archival, quality ink) - Earth Safe (Part of our Recycology line and made from 57% recycled content). 0.5mm fine line delivers ultra smooth writing performance with durable metal tip. Sophisticated sleek diamond cut design with silver barrel accents. Comfortable, latex-free grip provides added comfort and control. Conveniently retractable and refillable with Pentel KLR5 refills.

Anyway, these pens are mostly fantastic. They feel good in my hand for short writing bursts but I must confess that the grip and that raised ridge on the front of the tip are a problem. The rubbery part is too far up the barrel for my grip and my index finger is not happy with the ridge. This might be an excellent pen to steal the innards out of and hack it into a more comfortable barrel, for it is the ink that makes this pen.

I’m not a “pink” gal due to an overload of Barbie in my childhood and later my daughter’s. But this pink isn’t Barbie by any means. It is intense and I wouldn’t use it for pages of writing but I would write a book with that blue!

On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being “meh” and 5 being “awesome”, I’d have to give the HyperG 0.7 a 3.95. Points for the great ink, made with recycled material and refillable and points away for being uncomfortable for my particular grip style.

Update 07/24/2011:  I purchased a dozen blue HyperG 0.7 pens from the online office supply store, Quill.  I did not get the tropical blue pen like I had in the review but a standard blue pen.  While it writes just as beautifully smooth as the pens in the review, the blue color is darker and, well, just blue.  **sigh**