Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some more art journal pages

Here are just a few pages from my art journal.  These are mostly experiments with different media: gel pens, liquid ink pens, markers, and watercolors.

Until recently, I haven't worked with anything art since early grade school, it's been a childlike experience to "mess around" without guilt. 

Cheap gel pens and cheaper watercolors.

Cheap gel pens and Unibal Signo on black paper - enhanced with software.

Cheap gel pens and Unibal Signo on black paper.  This is what it really looks like.

This is Uniball Signo gel pen, no name liquid ink pen, Prismacolor marker, and Dollar Store watercolors.
  I know it all looks crappy and childish but I'm having fun.  I've never had the gift of art, but I'm making it mine from now on!