Sunday, February 6, 2011

Under the Influence

Last Wednesday, Ground Hog's Day no less, there was a New Moon.  I've written before about how this particular point in the lunar cycle gets me off my duff and sends me into a cleaning fit.  That post is here.

Today, Hubby and I moved everything off the back patio.  We have a bulk trash pickup in a couple of weeks and the set out time started yesterday.  OUT to the alley went a whole bunch of stuff that did not weather the elements well last year.  I even threw out some items that still work or needs a wee bit of fixing.  Why? 

Living in our multi-cultural city is a type of person that will drive an old battered pickup truck up and down the alleys during bulk trash set out days.  They pick up these items, fix them or use them for other things, and then they drive them down into the deeper parts of Mexico to sell or to give to their families.  The best of the best recycling I can think of. 

So, now we have to go out there, sweep off the black widow webs and egg sacs, and put the furniture back.  We spend a lot of time sitting out there on weekend spring mornings and most summer (pre-monsoon) evenings.   Gracie, the dog, and Minerva, the cat, enjoy it when we sit out there, too.  It's like we've all discovered a new room to the house!