Thursday, January 6, 2011

What I Did on My Post-Holiday Vacation

I've been on vacation this week and with Friday on the horizon I'm sitting back and smiling.  For once I've had a wonderful "stay-cation" here at the old homestead.  What made it that way was letting go of stress inducing things like plans.  Whenever I make a plan for my time off, monkey wrenches are tossed in faster than a plumbing disaster at SeaWorld.  This causes me undue stress and I can't wait to get back to work.  Not this time.

I've been puttering around with my art stuff.  Zentangles and the Strathmore Visual Journal workshop have kept me busy.  I've also created some other visual art pages that I'll post this weekend.  The peaceful meditative feeling of working without words or preconceived thought is quite addictive.  I urge you all to find some form of art to work on.  We might even put the pharmaceutical companies on the endangered list.

Rewriting my NaNo novel has begun, too.  The first step was to clean out all the stuff I highlighted during the first draft scramble for 50,000 words.  I'm now back down to a bit over 45,000 and there are plenty of darlings to be murdered, let me tell you.  I'll print out what I have next week, read through it, make notes, and see what I need to start on after that.  I do know that the beginning will be cut down to a preface - if I even leave it in.

The best thing that happened so far is that I was lucky enough to receive one of the mailart postcards that Julie from Whatever is working on.  She's participating in the Mailart365 project. 

I have some postcard stock here that I think I'm going to work on and send out, too.  Thank you, Julie!