Saturday, January 15, 2011

Some Quick Stuff

The post-holiday calm is gone.  We got slammed hard at work and I'm looking at a briefcase full of stuff to work on later today.  Monday's holiday will find me at my desk taking advantage of uninterrupted work time as the office is officially closed.  Yay!  No phones or visitors to take me out of the zone.  Plus, I can dress in my weekend clothes making it so much more comfortable.  Ah yeah...!

So, two quick items to note before that briefcase gets opened.  One, if you haven't seen BiffyBean's Mandala Art video, I must insist that you view it.  (Insist?  Well, highly recommend anyway.)  Peaceful music shows off her wonderful art.  Click here to see it.

Next, because of another post of hers, I dashed over to Aaron Brothers and picked up some Liquitex black gesso.  I have a Uniball Signo broad white gel pen on order from JetPens and I plan on doing some reverse style Zentangles in the new Strathmore art journal.  Aaron Brothers has a sale on frames until the 29th, too.  Buy one get one for a penny!

Note: I have no affiliation with Aaron Brothers, JetPens, nor BiffyBeans.  I'm just one of those wacky people that like bargains and great art. 

Okay, no more messing around.  Time to open that briefcase.