Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boomerang Phone Service

Or maybe I should say it's more like rubber?  Anyway, just after I posted the last article on this blog we went off line again.  This time instead of the really loud obnoxious klaxon type sound on the line we got total silence.  Much better in a way, really.

So here comes today's technician.  He's a very nice young man who has been here before.  Several times, in fact.  This time Hubby meets him and leads the way to the phone box on the house.  When the repair is completed and he is waiting to be sure Hubby can get on the Internet, he says he shows no record of a repair call from yesterday.  So, I am summoned (hair dripping from the shower) to talk to the young man.

I describe what happened yesterday: two big trucks in the alley, one has a cherry picker, the call of one man to the other for a "J" hook, etc.  Today's technician gives me a grin.  "Oh, those were the cable guys.  No wonder your phone was out.  They don't know what they're doing when it comes to the junction boxes.  They must have switched something and it looked wrong at the box."

"But we're fixed now, right?"


Hubby confirms that he's online when he turns the screen to us.  Google home page is up and looking wonderful as usual.

So, regardless of departmental jabs, we are back online.  The question is, for how long?