Thursday, December 23, 2010

Looking Out the Window

My office is next door to a mortuary. We usually get to see all sorts of ways to see someone off to the next phase of their journey. Beside the usual crowds of people, there have been bagpipers, military officers, and once, even a full-fledged tent-filled fancy-catered parking lot party.  With a band.

Today, December 23rd, I looked out our window in time to see a flag-draped coffin being loaded into the back of a hearse. The whole parking lot showed only a half-dozen cars slowly circling around into position to follow it out to the cemetery for the graveside service. My heart went out to that handful of people. Judging from the more than a few flower displays being carried out of the mortuary, this was a well loved person who had the misfortune to leave this side of life at the beginning of the holiday season so not many mourners could be present to lend comfort to the family.

My heartfelt wishes of peace and comfort go out to them.