Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another Blog to Check Out: QuinnCreative

I am so incredibly lucky to live at this time in Earth's vast history!  The Internet is something I hope we never lose but keep making better.  It has opened so many doors for me and introduced me to so many wonderful, thoughtful, intelligent, and creative people.  And I could gush on for hours.

Within the past month or so, through one of the many (many) blogs I subscribe to in Google Reader, I was led to QuinnCreative.  Quinn lives in Arizona as do I.  Her posts have always been great reads - until today. 

Today was incredible.

Today she told me that she knows "me" - or of my life.  Being told which way to go - not asked what I wanted to do.   As a teenager who dreamed of college, I was told that was not going to happen.  My parents could not afford anything but a trade school after high school graduation.  (No one, not even my school guidance counselor told me of grants or scholarships.)  We had to learn something that would get us a job, not a career.  It had to be practical.

My sister, who was a very talented artist, was told the same.  She went into the army to earn that college journey and suffered for it, too.  Now she doesn't have the time for art.  She has three daughters, one with a life threatening disease, two grandsons that she watches quite often, and a husband who needs her close by.  Still, at 56 years of age, she is taking college entrance tests over and over again to get accepted into nursing.  Because it is practical.  There is no room for art.

I'm lucky that I have a job that I like a whole lot - especially in this economy!  Yet, I spend most of my weekends writing, or drawing Zentangles, or collaging pages.  I cannot afford to shuck it all to do art full-time and frankly, I'm not that good at it.  But art makes me very peaceful, happy, and the most like the real "me" that I can be.

Check out today's post at QuinnCreative.  See what I mean.  Read the comments, too.