Thursday, November 11, 2010

NaNoWriMo Update: Day 11 and Week Two Hurdles

NaNo update: I've made up one day of my 3 day deficit (from working a 3 day conference) so I'm now only 2 days behind.  And it is official: I have encountered the Week Two hurdles.  I can say that the majority of comments are right.  I've hit the mud-pits. 

However, most of my mud slogs are due to other stressors here at home.  Writing has been somewhat of an escape from them.  If I can just keep going, I eventually disappear into the novel.  Plus, by having done a rough outline and a plot synopsis, even when I deviate a wee bit, I'm still on track with the story. 

Slowly, I type.  Key by key.  Word by word.  I'll get there, by gummies, I'll get there!

I've also decided that my mouse is dying.  ---  That's the computer's mouse, not any cute little critter.  (I love rodents - and bats - and such.)