Friday, November 12, 2010

With Permission From the Poet:

stride and joy

by Gary Bowers

you go out the door
on a lucky day it feels like you're climbing into the sky
and you can't feel the ground when you step
or you can and your spirit does not accept the collect call from the ground

even in the airfouled valley
your lungs fill with gladness
your legs oars wheels thrusters orbiteers

destination stochastic
thoughts pleonastic pleonasms
graceous guttness grassy goldness stride pride ride pride strive strive i've
step step float duck duck gossamer

lamplines curve you into a new tomorrow of space
the asphalt concrete interface is a one-step staircase
you are the whacked tuning fork making its highpurr vibratory song
step step ease almost cry
with the relief of the simple universal