Sunday, October 24, 2010

Between You and Me and the Fence Post

My apologies for being somewhat tardy for the post, my friends.  I spent a good deal of the day still working on clean up from the hail storm we had a couple of weeks ago.  I worked at a conference all day yesterday and got home quite late.  So with only today off and a mountain of laundry to do at the same time - well, you get my point.

Today, hubby and I finally seated the replacement 4x4 post needed to repair the back fence.  It was tough.  I'm 54 and my hubby is 56 and both of us are WAY out of shape.  To top things off, we dug out half of the old cement that held the original post only to discover a mysterious black pipe running through from the alley.  I tracked its path visually and it led right to our gas meter.  STOP. 

Plan B.  We put the new post directly behind the cement stub.  Now we wait a day or so for the new cement to cure and then we'll go on to wrestle a new section of fence in place of the broken panel.  [I bet you're as tired of reading this as I am physically right now.]

So this is how I spent my one day off and tomorrow begins the countdown to my biggest conference coming up on November 5-7 in Tucson.  In the midst of all that, I plan on participating in the 2nd Annual Zombie Walk in downtown Phoenix.  That will be a post with pictures as I've already called dibs on my daughter's camera.  Somehow, she even agreed with that...

Anyway, off to bed.  As my hubby tells me every morning:  Have a glorious day!