Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yes, I Gush.

If you have clicked on my profile link you will note that two of my favorite authors are Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.  I follow Neil's blog and lately posts have been somewhat sporadic due to his writing project deadlines and such. 

Today's post had two WONDERFUL bits of candy for me. 


From one old friend to another: Terry Pratchett and I met for Sushi in Cardiff the following evening, for Mysterious Reasons That We Are Not Announcing Yet. This is a photograph of us toasting Something Unexplained with champagne.

And Two:

It was a wonderful event, filled with enthusiastic schoolkids, and followed by a signing. I spoke last, and by the time it got to me, Jerry and Karen and Grace had already said everything there was to say, so I talked about the importance of daydreaming and why you should stare out of the window sometimes or actually a lot.  [Emphasis mine.]
**Sigh**  The man is a genius, don't you think?  For more pictures and the rest of his post, please click here.