Sunday, September 5, 2010

Corporate America Strikes Again

Today I learned that my favorite restaurant, JBs (a sort-of Denny's) at Christown Mall here in Phoenix is closing on the 16th. Everyone is out of a job.

Super Target, their neighbor in the shopping mall, out-bid the Mom & Pop business for the lease and is going to tear the building down for more parking spaces. The waitress said that Target felt that JB’s was blocking the view of people to see the store. I asked, “What about the new bank on the corner?” She just smiled sadly and shrugged. She’s a single mom with 4 kids. [Insert swear words here.]

How is tearing down - destroying - a business and replacing it with very un-needed parking spaces helping in this economy?  Parking spaces do not provide replacement jobs for these folks.  My neighbors.  My friends.

Do me a huge favor, please?  If you can, tip that service person a bit more than you normally do.  Send out that good karma.  Remember, what you send out to the world returns to you threefold.

Thank you in advance!