Friday, September 17, 2010

And another thing...

"Getting old is not for sissies."  
-- Bette Davis US movie actress (1908 - 1989)  

This morning I put on a new bra. It replaced one that had worn out in a particularly embarassing way - a hole in the cup where my nipple poked out - in public - with co-workers present. Yeah.

Anyway, this new bra was purchased because it has a feature that will prevent this from happening ever again. That made me feel very good, not only because I didn't have to worry about that but because it must have happened to enough women before it happened to me that the topic was addressed in the design team meeting someplace.

"Okay team. The next problem we need to discuss is the nipple poke through. How can we improve our product to prevent it? It will sell like hotcakes if we do it right."

So I put it on this morning, secure in knowing I was safe from that embarrassment, only to discover something new. I was facing north but my boobs are now pointing northeast and northwest. Shouldn't they be heading in the same direction I am? Sigh. At least now they are level with the horizon and not pointing at my feet.

I hate gravity.