Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weather in the Valley of the Sun

We were hit late yesterday afternoon with a hum-dinger of a storm.  I haven't seen it rain that hard in years.  We even got marble-sized hail!  My daughter tried taking pictures of it, but they didn't turn out.  Too much going on too fast.  At least we were side-by-side witnesses to the fury.

The ash tree looked like a big hand from above was smooshing it straight down.  Sheets of rain were blown first from the south and then from the east as the cell moved through.  It was wonderful - even though our back patio was totally drenched.  It is now a big gunky mess. 

The biggest blessing of all was that my back fence stayed standing.  What a relief that was!  Putting it back up has been an annual event for the last few years.  (Helpful hint: use long wood screws instead of nails in your fence.)

As I've mentioned before in this blog, we are usually by-passed due to our heat island effect.  However, the heat has backed off a wee bit, so the concrete and asphalt hasn't been radiating the horrible temperatures that it usually does. 

We have a month and a half more of our official monsoon season according to the local weather people who block it out on their calendars like the hurricane season.  But I'm hoping for an early conclusion.  I'm tired of feeling sticky.