Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Next Steps in a Webbie Named "Beany"

I guess I can point at Spiritual Evolution of the Bean and Penchant for Paper among the many blogs that I read for my urge to art journal. I’m the first one to admit that I am not gifted in the visual art arena by any means. It runs a close second to my singing: I’m paid not to. (I can kill a good party buzz by saying “I want to” and “karaoke” in the same paragraph.) Nevertheless, the desire to try another creative outlet (besides writing) was strong.

Stephanie and Heather create beautiful mandalas and both have mentioned the meditative qualities drawing can bring. I thought I could do those easily. It wasn’t easy. So I went onto YouTube and searched for how-to videos on mandalas. That’s where I found the term “Zentangle.”  This is the video that sent me searching for more.

Zentangles are an art form that is new to me yet, when I saw it drawn around a large manuscript letter, I saw it as ancient. Regardless, it is patterns drawn in small areas of unconventional shapes to become beautiful works of art. And, they too mention the meditative benefits of drawing.

So this is a method of drawing that I think I can do in my new art journal. It looks childish and rough right now but with persistence and the Webbie that I now possess (thanks to Rhodia & Exaclair) I will gain confidence and an outlet at the same time.

Check out the art on the Zentangle blog and see what I’m talking about. Then pick up a pen, pencil, or what have you and start doodling!