Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's a Good Day

[Insert image of smiling cat here.]

I've had - and am having - a good day.  In the process of journaling about it, I realized that I'm usually complaining (and whining and bitching and - well, you get the idea) and for once I was writing about all the good things that happened today.
  1. After a year and a half of silence, the local school district called my hubby to substitute teach for 3 days and more than likely will continue into the next week.
  2. A second grant that I applied for has been awarded to the new specialty group I am now helping to administer.  (That's 2 out of the 11 that I submitted.  In this economy, that is HUGE!)
  3. I joined a co-worker in a spur of the moment jaunt up the street to visit an estate sale on our lunch hour.  (Yes, Brad, it was a "business" lunch.)
  4. Today's mail at home brought two Rhodia "Webbie" Webnotebooks from Exaclair.  One is to review on this blog and the other will be a giveaway!  (Stay tuned for details.)
And my day isn't over.  This is nice.  I want to make note of it.  I want a written, published record of it for those "other" days.