Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Carnival of Pen, Pencil, and Paper!

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the August Carnival of Pen, Pencil, and Paper! It was simply amazing to be the host. Many thanks to Nifty at Notebook Stories  for creating this monthly event!

Editor’s Pick
This was a tough decision, folks. I almost had to pull out the dartboard and choose that way. But to be honest, there was one I enjoyed over all. When Caitlin Burns submitted her post “10 money saving tips for starving artists” I not only loved it but with today’s economy (and my own tight budget), I adapted some of her suggestions in other areas of my life. Thanks Caitlin!
Patrick Sikes wrote a nice pen review on his "Pelikan Script 1.5."  I, too, love my italic nibs. My cursive is actually readable now. As a side note Patrick, I have trouble getting my converter to seat in my Pelikano, too!

lady dandelion called my attention to a great post from Bleubug called “Oodles of Noodler’s” I reviewed one Noodler’s pen but Bleubug did it right. Here’s an excellent and thorough review of the new Noodler's pens.

Tom from Goldspot Pens sent in "Montegrappa Miya Midnight Blue Fountain Pen Review" and I’m so glad he did. That is one fine looking instrument and someday, yeah, someday Tom, you’ll be mailing one of those pens to me!

Namiki Falcon Meets Diamine Ink is a post submitted by Margana better known from An Inkophile's Blog.  Margana says, "Namiki Falcon soft nibs come up often in pen discussions so here is a closer look at one of my favorite pens."  And I can see why.  I suggest you click on the pictures for an up close view and see for yourself.

Over at A Penchant for Paper Heather lists her "Worst Five Pens" which puts a nice spin on the usual "Best of" lists we usually see.  Good post, Heather!

Cynthia Niklas wins the It’s so simple why didn’t I think of that? award with her post “Moleskine Volant Daily Planner Hack.” (Has anyone seen the cute clips in Staples lately? You could take Cynthia’s cool idea and run wild with it!)

A review of "Moleskine Index Cards: Professional Memo Cards"  was sent in by Brian Greene from Office Supply Geek. I love the vertical orientation of the ruled cards as opposed to the horizontal lines on regular index/recipe cards. Excellent!

David Garrett from Seize the Dave has a great paper review: "rhodia dot pad." What handsome calligraphy, Dave!

First Glance: Read & Write Journal written by travisthetrout of Notes in a Book introduces us to some really cool repurposed paper notebooks.  Now this is not recycling, folks.  It's better!

lady dandelion tantalizes us all with her “review: iroshizuku fuyu-gaki – a winter persimmon perfect for summer”  Beautiful color!

Clement Dionglay from Rants of The Archer fame submitted an "Ink Review: J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage."  As you know, one of my favorite colors is green and this one is one that will definitely end up in my collection!

Julie (Okami) reports on the "Miami Pen Show 2010." Check out the pictures! I love people who take their cameras along and share their photos! Thanks Julie!

Dianeb sent in “Periscope Lighted Padfolio and Kindle Cover” and says, “I've fallen in love with this lighted Padfolio, and especially as I can fit my favorite notepads in the pockets. It's especially useful when I'm working in my middle room, where I've got low wattage energy saving fluorescent bulbs and no natural light.”

lady dandelion submitted the post “Man Luen Choon!” on behalf of Leigh Reyes: My Life As a Verb.  I think I want one (or two – or three) of everything! (Think “FedEx”!)

Peter Warrior from Tiger Pens Blog tells us "Why Your Car Should Have a Pen and Notebook in the Glove Box."  By the way Peter, I cleaned up the blog just for you. **grins!**

That’s all for this month, but stay tuned! Office Supply Geek  is hosting the September edition of this Carnival. I don’t know about anyone else out there, but I’ve discovered some of the best blogs through this monthly feature. So, keep sending in those submissions!