Friday, July 16, 2010

A Pen Review: Noodler’s Ink Fountain Pen

When news came of a fountain pen to be manufactured by Noodler’s Ink, my ears perked. More information came from Fountain Pen Network that Swisher Pens had shipments but kept selling out faster than lightning. Jet Pens to the rescue!

I ordered the turquoise model with piston fill and ink window. All of their pens come with a fine medium (FM) sized nib. For $14 I felt I couldn’t go wrong and it fit my extremely tight budget. Jet Pens delivered in 3 business days.

Our camera is very old and I apologise for the terrible picture. I won't post any more, I promise!
The pen is smaller than I expected and very light weight. It is designed with a 1960’s influence and the turquoise color is dark and pleasantly muted. However, I find that the barrel material scuffs easily. The clip feels quite sturdy and I was very pleased to see the cap edged with a metal band. (My Parker Reflex pens have all cracked there allowing the nib dry out.) The cap screws on and unfortunately, the threads tend to rub on my thumb after writing for a couple of pages. One really nice feature is the ink window. It wraps around the pen so you can very easily see how much ink you have left in it.

The piston action is stiff but I attribute that to being very new. The quantity of ink it holds isn’t as much as I’d hoped. I haven’t used the full supply of ink in the pen yet, but I’m already seeing “daylight” in the window after writing 3 full pages (one side only) in a standard composition notebook. Successive fills may prove to improve my mileage with ink.

The nib lays down a thin line that is quite similar to my fine-nib Lamy Safari, isn’t quite that smooth but nice to use nonetheless.

What I would like to see with future issues of this pen are brighter colors, more durable barrel material, a snap-on cap to eliminate the thread rubbing the thumb problem, and perhaps a wee bit fatter to eliminate the hand fatigue of long writing sessions.

All that said, I can recommend this pen and have ordered 2 more to boot!

Please note that I have no affiliation with Swisher Pens, Jet Pens, or Noodler’s Ink.