Thursday, July 29, 2010

It happened again...

I'm sorry - stepped out for some air and lost track of time.  Seriously, it became a bit crazy this week.  Some of the things are usual and some are not.  But all are made of the stuff of life.

My friend and co-worker, Susan had a death in the family so work hasn't been as much fun as it usually is.  All the services are done and the family clean up operation is well in hand.  Time takes over with the rest of the process.

I have a large meeting happening in November that I'm preparing for. The momentum is starting to build now but the usual worry/panic hasn't hit yet.  I have more time to work on it this year, so maybe I can let that all go.

The cat has been naughty, too.  I came home today to the greeting, "There's a dead bird behind the recliner."  So I pull out the recliner and find TWO birds.  One was indeed dead and the other is alive.  I put the alive bird in the fig tree just as a rainstorm hit.  I'm not sure it will live, but it won't die being terrorized by a cat or in a dark corner of an alien prison.  (I love the cat, but she really frustrates me because I love birds, too.  So due to the cat, I pulled all the feeders down in the yard.  (Don't lecture me on "survival of the fittest" and "part of the circle of life" and "that's what cats do," etc.  I know all of that but it doesn't help.))

Update 07/30/10: The bird died.  In a way, I'm glad.  It was suffering.

But the BEST NEWS is that I've been writing!  Yay!  I got hit with a lot of clear daydreams that are working into a good story.  That's how they come to me.  Some weird thing will trigger them and then off I go dreaming.  I just wish reality wouldn't interfer with the process.  Ha-ha!

So anyway, I hope things slow a bit for the weekend.  Don't forget to get your submittals in for the Carnival of Pen, Pencil, and Paper!