Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm Almost Speechless. Almost.

I can’t believe what I just witnessed in the Phoenix Public Library. I was just walking up to the music CD table to check on an artist for my hubby. There was a young lady already leafing through them. This young lady just happened to have brown skin. A tall, elderly white guy with his elderly white wife in tow walked up, looked down at the brown-skinned lady, and asked, “Are these in English?”

The brown-skinned lady paused for only a nanosecond and said, “Yes, they are all in English.”

The white man then asked if these were the movies and the brown-skinned lady pointed to the taller shelves of DVDs. “The movies are over there.”

“Are those in English?”

“Yes, they are.” We watched the elderly white couple move over to the DVDs. I must have made some sort of noise because the brown-skinned lady turned to me and smiled sadly. “It happens all the time. Just because I look Hispanic, people assume I don’t speak or read English.”

I snapped my jaw shut. “I am so sorry. You handled that beautifully.”

“My little son, of all people, reminds me to love my enemies.”

“But it’s so hard to do.”

She shrugged her shoulders and wished me a great weekend as we parted.