Saturday, June 12, 2010

[Insert Evil Laugh Here]

Heather over at A Penchant for Paper has been sucked into the dark side.  [Maawaaahhh!]  She just purchased her first fountain pen.  Oh, poor girl!  She has no idea what is in store for her.

Heather, a regular shopper at, bought a Platinum Preppy for only $3.  Sure, you and I both know that addictions begin with just a little taste.  Just a sniff.  Then WHAMMO! you are hooked.

Seriously, though - just go Google "fountain pen" and stand back.  What most people think of as an archaic method of writing is experiencing a Renaissance of biblical proportions.  This is partly thanks to global warming and the desire to be green along with a bit of backlash against all this technology. 

Fountain pens are green.  The pens themselves are worth keeping, very few are disposable.  There are experts out there (and more than a few competent amateurs) who REPAIR these pens.  People are collecting - and using - pens from the turn of the 20th century!  And don't get me started on the history.  Mmm doggie!

In addition, there is the ink.  Sure there are cartridges.  But the greater majority go for a bottle of ink.  50 ml of ink will last you YEARS!  And these inks are water-based and most are environmentally friendly.  (As a side note, J. Herbin has been making ink since the year 1670!  Do the math, folks!  Way cool.)

Then there is the return to handwritten notes, journals, letters, and postcards.  Some people are choosing to unplug now and then and write by hand.  You can take a pen and notebook anywhere.  No wi-fi.  No batteries.  No crashing.  No stress!  There are more than a few blogs on this topic, let me assure you.

So this is why Heather made me one happy camper today.  We have another enlightened soul on "our side."  Welcome Heather!