Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Middle of the Year!

Since tomorrow begins the new fiscal year here at my office as well as many other offices out there, I've decided to take this as a personal indication to reevaluate myself.  What I wasn't prepared for was the impact that had on my psyche.  Relief!

I'm jettisoning the personal journal I'm currently using.  I purchased it because it had enough pages to contain a full year.  However, it is small and THICK and therefore hard to write in.  I have carpal tunnel syndrome and I ended up bracing my arm on another book to keep my wrist in line with the page.  Dumb.  Then with the smaller pages I felt limited with content.  When I realized that I was using my writing practice notebook (10 cents at WalMart's back to school sale a few years ago)  for my evening journal, I felt that this was only a logical solution.  Keep it all in one place.  Cheap pages = freedom to write crap!

As you know from a previous post I was woefully unsuccessful in my 365 Day Gratitude Journal project.  I'm not sure I'm going to make it with my Chapbook project, either.  One thing I've already decided from both of these is that I will not beat myself up for not following through.  What a pointless thing to do, anyway!

Another item I thought long and hard about is the planner I am using at the office.  It's a Franklin Covey that was not my idea.  Without going into detail, the planner carries quite a bit of negative baggage for me.  Yet, I do see value in continuing with it.  I'll be switching to a Quo Vadis planner in 2011 anyway (a product review will come soon afterwards), so I might as well just finish 2010 with "Frankie."

Next I will focus on my fountain pens.  Some are just plain not working for me.  But that isn't the end of the analysis!  I have a long 4-day holiday weekend coming up and I intend to do some thinking - along with another visit to the Phoenix Art Museum with the hubby!  (C├ęzanne! for pete's sake!  Who would want to miss a chance to see that?)

Is anyone else out there taking mid-year stock like this?