Friday, May 28, 2010

Working from Home

How many of us wish we could (or already do) work from home?  Given the current gas prices and environmental concerns over commuting to the office and back again, I'm wishing I could. 

I sat thinking about it after my hubby, who is currently working on the Census project, had to shut the kitchen doors to make a case call.  One thing he does may appear silly at first but in reality is a good idea.  He put on his ID badge.  He was barefooted and in a rumpled pair of shorts so with the donning of the badge, he indicated to himself and those of us in the house that he was "officially on the job."

Okay, so what would I do?  At least 65% of my job is email.  I have access to my work account at home but not to the network drive or my files.  That can be readily rectified with a minimum of effort on my part.  But what signal would I use to indicate my status of being "officially on the job?" 

When I'm applying for grants at work, I put on a small Viking helmet because I feel like I'm on a campaign.  My co-workers then know what I'm doing and tend to leave me alone.  A side-effect is that I don't take it too seriously because more often than not these days, the grants are denied.   Less emotional bagage this way.

At home when I'm deep into a writing project, I put on a larger version of the Viking helmet (with blonde braids) to tell the family to not interrupt.  (Please note: it doesn't work.)  I guess I could use this for work, too.  Or I could get dressed.  Wearing the pjs and bunny slippers while working takes some of the sharp edge off for me. 

I guess what this is all about is tricking yourself into a mindset that leads you to perform at a higher level.  Isn't being human a downright funny thing to be?