Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekend Update with JoniB

My hubby snagged a temporary part-time job with the Census people as an “enumerator.” Yeah. Since the SNL Census skit with Betty White aired, my daughter cannot help but call out “Blaarfengår!” several times a day. (Hilarious the first 40 times, it’s now getting old. **sigh**)

Hubby is under a lifetime gag order and reminds us often that he is not allowed to reveal any information. He locks up his official Census bag containing all his re-interview forms every night and keeps his cheap looking ID badge stuffed in his wallet during off times.

Personally, I wasn’t the least bit curious or worried about what he is doing on the job. That was until he mentioned the dress code. The shoes, to be specific. The requirement is to wear shoes that can be worn comfortably all day and that can be used to run in. Yes, the code actually says “to run in.”

Now I’m starting to worry.