Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Religion vs. Retail

Easter Sunday when you aren't a Christian can get rather funny.  No, I am NOT slamming the religion here.  I have a personal code: I respect your beliefs but you must respect mine, too.  What I am slamming is the commercialization of religion. 

Yes, this topic is addressed often, mostly at Christmas, when blatent aim is taken on symbolism and sentimentality of the partakers.  I am reminded of that story when Jesus got pissed off and cleared the temple of money changers and the other vendors.  So when I saw the trays of buns in the bakery department of the grocery store, I burst out laughing.  Dark buns placed in the shape of a cross were surrounded by white buns.  How hokey can you get?  Judging by the display, not many customers fell for it.

Remember a few years ago when a Danish (I think) cartoonist mocked the Prophet Mohammed in an editorial cartoon?  The Muslims are still fuming.  Can you just imagine the total world chaos that would ensue if our retailers turned the same commercial marketing on a Muslim holiday that they give Christmas?

Holy crap!  Yeah, you bettcha!