Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hi. My name is JoniB and I’m an ink addict.

It started out with the innocent reading of a book. Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones. I needed a fast pen, she told me and then bragged that she used fountain pens. That nagged in the back of my head until one day at Staples, there was the Parker Reflex, a cheap starter fountain pen. Yeah, I know, I know. Office supply stores are not kind to people like me. I should have walked away.

One pen. One stupid fountain pen! That’s all I wanted. But it wasn’t enough. Before I knew it, I bought two more. And the cartridges! Oh my, I loaded up on the cartridges at every opportunity. I’d even drive out of my way to pick up another pack.

Then it was Quill. An online office supply company. They carried the Varsity. In six colors. I ordered them all. Soon I was trolling the ‘net, looking for more. Exotic fixes of pens. It was a dark night when I came across the Hero pen from China. Only four or five dollars each. No ink cartridges for this pen, oh no. It wanted, nay! demanded, bottled ink. But from where? The art supply store had Pelikan ink. Just one bottle, I rationalized, and I’ll be happy. Just one. But by this time I was in too deep. There was no turning back.

Today, I confess all to you. I have seven bottles of ink and fourteen fountain pens with number fifteen in the mail. Oh sure. I can say that my most expensive pen is my bright red Lamy Safari with the 1.1 steel italic nib and feel all superior. But when the light of day shines on that padded drawer in my desk, I have to admit it.

I’m an inkaholic. And I need help.