Sunday, April 25, 2010

Economic Downturn Doldrums

The sound of water running in our pipes is loud and sometimes overwhelming. I do my best to ignore it, however, because I’m determined to improve the condition of our front yard. It’s an almost bare dirt lot with a sickly shrub here and there. Last weekend I tore out some dead plants and cleaned up the planters and beds. It is for my personal well-being and that of the neighborhood.

This aspect of psychology came up at work recently when the interior painting project was cancelled. The budget is so tight that staff has not had raises for three years. One position was eliminated and the executive vice president took a voluntary pay cut. Maintenance is limited to the essentials only, leaving the interior neglected. While one of my groups refuses to meet there again, the dingy carpets and walls are beginning to take the most notable toll on the employees.

It goes the same at home. We don’t have ready cash or the DIY know how to fix up the house. (My hubby calls himself “Mr. Bad Wrench.”) And we, reflecting our surroundings, become tired, dingy, and worn out, too. So the least I can try is to bring back some of the lawn. Water is still somewhat cheap and so far, there are no restrictions on outdoor watering.

What are you doing to keep your good spirits?