Sunday, February 7, 2010

You Don’t Know What You Have ‘Till It’s Gone

Whew!  **Slides into chair**  Back online!  We’ve had phone and DSL internet problems since Wednesday, Feb. 3rd and hopefully we are back up and running for good. I live in an older part of town with regards to the infrastructure. Most of it dates back to 1954 with updates in the early 1970s. (When the DSL part was added, I haven’t a clue. 1990s sometime?) The city is starting the process of moving old water lines from the alleys to new water lines under the streets in front of our houses. Combine this with the rain we’ve had lately, the 1970s era phone lines and what a mess is had by all. I find it hard to believe we are the only customers complaining.

Actually, I’m writing this offline to make myself feel better. As I type, the phone repair dude is waiting for something to be brought in from the yard. I didn’t catch what it was, but my guess is an industrial-size hair dryer. Whatever. But I’m frustrated, because I wanted to look up the age of our DSL technology and couldn’t.
So, it is amazing how much I’ve become dependent upon the internet. No email. No blogs. No research at the drop of a question. I can’t even check the weather. (Why do radio stations decide you don’t need weather reports on the weekend?) My hubby couldn’t take it anymore so last night he packed up his laptop and, daughter in tow, headed for Peter Piper Pizza where they offer free wi-fi.

I stayed in and read my overdue library book. But I kept forgetting that we had no internet. I’d come to something in the book that I wanted to follow up on and I’d slip my finger in to hold my place and trotted over to my computer. After the fourth or fifth time I finally let myself sink into the story and forget the world. It’s been too long since I allowed myself to do that. What bliss when I turned the last page and felt that moment of “rats, the story is over.”

When was the last time you let go of the world to sink into a good book?