Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Panic Mode Approaching

I've lost one of my notebooks.  This is causing additional worried thoughts to my already worry-riddled body.  The notebook I lost was one of my take along writer's junk notebooks that is 1/2 filled with crap.  It contains notes on my WIP and some random thoughts that are for my eyes only.  And I can't remember when or where I had it last.

What I'm worried about is that the person who finds it will read it and not knowing that it is a writer's junk notes, will think I meant every blasted word.  I can't remember if I wrote my name in it, either.  Crap. 

So in my "replacement" notebook I have added my name, address, cell phone number and this statement:
Caveat for those who read this notebook:  This notebook is written by a writer.  It is a mishmash of journal, story ideas, poetry starts, and a container of my thoughts.  I am human.  I do not always have nice bunny-soft thoughts.  I get angry and tend to express it in crude and offensive language.  I do this in here so that I don't do it "out there."
Have you ever lost something that you'd be worried for others to find?