Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh yeah! I remember now. I think.

The rain!  Yeah.  That's what I wanted to talk about.
My little dog, Gracie, bless her heart, is just not very "with it."  I was sitting at my computer today reading blogs and she kept nosing me for attention.  Then she let out a long, silent but deadly, poot.  I gagged and looked over at her big black eyes.  "Outside?"  She jumps all over me and swirls on her perch.  (She sits on a pillow-topped Coleman cooler placed right beside me.)  I lead her out to the back yard and she dashes out to the center, stops, realizes that it is raining and almost transports herself directly back to my side under the porch roof. 

We go back inside to resume our activity. 

Not a whole minute later, she's nosing me again.  Big black eyes and hopeful wags of tail, I agree to take her out for a walk.  I put on my raincoat and snap on her leash.  Gracie pulls me out the front door and nose glued to the ground, down the block.  We get about 5 houses away before she looks up and notices that it is raining in the front yard, too.  My shoulder is almost pulled out of the socket from her sudden spin and race back to the house.

We go back inside to resume our activity.

Again, she is nosing me.  "It's still raining, Gracie."  She poots again.  Back out to the back yard.  (Yes, we do have a doggy door.  She's just weird that way.)  Again, out to the middle of the yard, feels the rain, and dashes back to my side.

I sigh.  At least she is getting some exercise.