Sunday, February 14, 2010


Back home again. I’ve been working at a conference since Thursday and it’s been great fun as I was playing the second banana. But even with all the fun, it is tiring because as my hubby says, you’re always “on.” Then, when you get behind those closed hotel room doors, you aren’t home. There’s no real time or place to relax. It isn’t your bathroom. It isn’t your bed. And I’m allergic to feathers. (What is this current fad with feather pillows and comforters? Don’t even get me started on pre-scenting the rooms. Hello, Resort People!)

I over-pack, too. I allow for all “emergencies” and possible boredom. I take work with me. I bring my journal.  I bring two or three books. I lug the laptop along. And I use none of it. I’m too tired. I’d even hoped to post a few bits on the blog. You see how well that plan went, huh.

Anyway, I’m home. I took a long nap with my dog snuggled up to my side. What bliss! Tomorrow is a holiday. One of my bosses has closed his office and while the other one is open, it is my free choice as to whether or not I want to go in or not. I’m taking the day off.

Someday I’ll have to write about my two bosses. Complete opposites in management style and they get completely different work styles out of me. It’s rather interesting when I can back myself up to look at them objectively – which is very hard to do when I get emotional. But, until I can officially ditch the one and stay full time with the other, I’ll let it all go with what I’ve said here.