Monday, February 8, 2010

Get Motivated!

A bunch of us from work went downtown on Thursday, Feb. 4th to hear celebrities give motivational speeches. The tickets were next to free and our company was picking up the tab. We piled on the light rail early that morning so we wouldn’t have the incredible hassle of parking downtown. A couple of my coworkers had never ridden the train before, so it was fun to watch their expressions and hear their comments.

The venue of the event is the US Airways Center where our Phoenix Suns play. (They have a great sound system, by the way.) We arrived when the larger share of the audience did. Lines were long, but they moved quickly. I raised my eyebrows when I saw stacks of free tickets sitting outside the doors. Last I heard, tickets were being sold for $159 and the tickets themselves stated a face value of $225, yet we got in for a total group price of $19. Hmmmm…..

What a show! And I mean show. We heard Kurt Warner and Rudy Giuliani give wonderful talks on different aspects of motivation. We heard Laura Bush give a talk on nothing resembling motivation whatsoever. Everyone else we heard had motivation. For themselves. They oh, so humbly honked their horns, quoted the Bible, demonstrated their financial prowess using outdated information from 2002 (hindsight is 20/20 you know), and offered their workshops/books/CDs that are valued at “$3,069 but for coming here today, we can offer it to you at $99!” or “proceeds from the sale of my book go to these children’s charities.” And then half the stadium emptied out to go sign up for their stuff. This happened for most of the speakers. It was a good show of how to manipulate a crowd.

If the “Get Motivated!” seminar comes to your area, I recommend you go, if for nothing else but to watch the crowd.