Sunday, January 3, 2010

Um, yeah.

It's been many years since I could let myself love another cat.  My Muppet, a siamese mix, had been with me 13 years when she died.  That cat literally saved my life.  (Another story sometime.)  So, when our big dog, Bill, passed away last April, we could not replace him with another dog. 

Gracie, our little dog, was confused and kept looking for Bill.  Then it was obvious she was entering a sort of doggy depression.  This is when Minerva moved in.

She is one weird cat and so unlike Muppet that I can relax and let her be.  Even when she does things like ambushing Gracie and jumping up on the kitchen counter, or like this:

This was what was left of the toilet paper roll in our little bathroom.  I'd show you the rest of the roll lying on the floor, but some people are faint of heart.

01/04/10 Update:  Minerva finished the job in the wee hours of this morning.  Sigh.