Sunday, January 10, 2010

Taking up the challenge!

Alex Moore at Write Anything has issued a challenge that I cannot let pass.
Alex Moore Challenge: Join me! Pick a new writing goal or achievement for the next year. It doesn't have to be fancy or stressful or inventive or creative. And don't select something just because it sounds classy or bookish or hip. It just has to be something that means something to you.
1. Put new GOAL in writing. Use sticky note or parchment paper, whatever - just get it down.
2. Find a picture that represents that goal. Rip it out of a magazine, doodle it, snap it with your iPhone.
3. Tape them together & post in prominent place: mirror, bedside, locker, computer.
4. Snap a picture of the duo -- and email to me. Let me post the pretty pics over the next 365 days on this blog. least on the Tuesdays of those 365 days... :)
5. Include your goal in the comment section, too -- leave evidence of your hope in the blogosphere. We here at Adventures in Writing want to ridicule support you as you reach for the stars.
Here's my answer Alex: