Friday, December 25, 2009

Whew! That was pretty darn nice.

The day with my brother's family turned out to be a good one.  We talked of old times and family financial planning regarding my mother.  My nephew is so TALL and very funny.  And my sister-in-law is just plain wonderful.  It's been two years since we were all together and whatever was wrong back then has passed by and it is all cool.

Still, I am glad it is over and I'm once more at home.

By the way, I had some very nice words from Julie at Whatever.  (Thank you!)  Stop by and check out her blog.  You'll then know why she's one of the regulars I visit.

Can someone tell me how to imbed (embed?) a link in here so I don't have to paste the whole darn thing?

12/28/09 Update:  Thanks to Julie at Whatever, I know how to link.  It's the button labeled "link" on the Blogger Dashboard.  Duh.  Thank you Julie!