Saturday, December 5, 2009

More Random Words

(Thanks again to EasyStreet Prompts!)
     “Okay, so he’s not royalty,” she said as she punched down the dough in the bowl.  Turning back to the counter, she sprinkled flour on it and then dusted her hands with the rest.  “And he’s rather innocuous when you get right down to it.  But his delivery of the presentation was unprofessional and, to be honest, almost flippant!”
     Her friend put the coffee pot back onto the warmer and took a sip from the steaming mug as she pulled out a chair.  “So in my girlish translation, you think he’s gay.”
     “Yeah, but what if he is?  It doesn’t matter one bit.  It’s just that he’s so in your face with his latest ideas.  Last week it was fasting.  Sure, lots of people do it for many reasons.  He pulled it into every conversation we had.”  She dumped the dough onto the floured counter and punched it so hard that a puff of flour made her sneeze. 
     “Okay, I know what you mean on that.  Plus he is always talking about his career.  To me it smacks of indecisiveness and a sort of patchy retirement.”
     “Uh huh.”  She leaned hard into the dough, turned it, and leaned hard again.  The muscles in her shoulders gave up the tension that held them tight and sore.
     Running a finger around the rim of her mug, her friend let the silence stretch a moment longer, and then said, “Another thing is his excesses with color.  Every week or so, his office completely changes.  That cannot be good for the operating budget.”
     “That’s a good point.  I’ll have to ask some innocent questions here and there.  Hand me those two loaf pans, will you?”
     “Here.  You know, maybe we feel threatened.”
     “Threatened?  By what?”
     “His backhanded mojo.”
     She laughed.  “You’ll need to add a concordance to that book you’re writing.  That’s a mighty weird phrase.”  She put the loaf pans in a sunny windowsill and covered them with a tea towel.  “But I get what you mean.  There, that ought to do it.”
     “How long do they sit there?”
     “Another hour or so.  They have to stay warm for the final rising.”
     “Bread baking is stupefying.”
     “It’s not that bad.  Just pull up your bootstraps and dig in.”
     “You are such an oversimplified mommy.”