Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

Hey.  I'm back.  It's Christmas Eve.  I worked today for the half of my job that I don't like.  I'm not in a good mood.  Holiday stress has led to a couple of spats with hubby.  I find myself retreating internally.  Not good.

We met hubby's side of the family at a local Chinese restaurant for dinner.  Very pleasant people but the first part of dinner was strained thanks to the above mentioned spats and our inability to shed them at the door.  I take responsibility for that.  But we managed to loosen up and feel the love that filled the room.  Good bye hugs brought tears to my eyes.

Upon arriving home, we brought out the meager gifts we purchased for each other.  The cat isn't sure about her gift and would rather play in the paper shopping bag.  The dog tore into her wrapped toy and then left it on the bed surrounded by shredded paper.

Tomorrow is Christmas with my side of the family.  It will be difficult.  My brother and his family come from an ultra conservative part of the US and my family tends to be on the liberal side.  My mother gave me orders to not respond to his hurtful remarks or political rants.  I doubt that she requested the same from him.  Ah well, I am overweight so I'll go out for a walk when it gets too much.  (Note to self: bring a heavy coat and wear walking shoes.)

I will honestly be so relieved when tomorrow is over.